Jungle – Lamp

Jungle - Lamp

Jungle, is a living room lamp that is born inspired by color and shape of bamboo. In fact, it consists mainly of four parts: a rather light but at the same time solid and stable base, a rather resistant fir structure for its dimensions that recalls the bamboo canes and finally a pair of lampshades that recall the color of the base. The characteristic that distinguishes this lamp from the others is the possibility to customize the arrangement of the lampshades and consequently the direction of the light. This because the lampshades have been fixed to common collector rings, so as to be able to open and close around the structure. This allows us to raise, lower and rotate our two light points according to the use we have to make. To build this lamp, in addition to a simple electrical system, was necessary a 4 cm thick multi-layered pine, two wooden broom handles of fir with 2 cm section. Two lampshades and finally two collectors rings of different sizes. To shape the various components and for the final finishing, were used: circular saw, screwdriver, column drill, sander, riveting machine, glue and mordant. The choice of materials was based on the possible reuse of materials and trying to leave the object a natural simplicity.

YEAR: 2014

BRIEF:Creating a recycled object

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