GLIFO – Tool

GLIFO - Tool

Glifo is a lightweight, customizable and tailor made writing tool realized by 3D printing technology. It allows people who suffer from cerebral and physical disorders to write and draw freely, through a correct hand stimulation. The goal of this project is to be able to perform the physical rehabilitation in homes and schools, therefore improving the social integration of these children. Glifo is part of UNICO - The Other Design, a platform of products-services created by Opendot and TOG Foundation, that gathers a collection of beautiful and functional objects co-designed by designers, therapists, kids with disabilities and their families. Glifo was born as a university project under the guidance of Enrico Bassi, co-founder of Opendot fablab. The project was presented at Maker Faire 2016 and won a 3D printer offered by Barclays Eagle Labs and MyMiniFactory, today used in the production line. The designers are actively searching for funds to build the platform UNICO.

YEAR: 2018

BRIEF:Digital Fabrication

TEAM: Sara Monacchi, Luca Toscano, Opendot, TOG Foundation

AWARDS: 1° Prize Barclays Eagle Labs & MyMiniFactory
1° National Prize of Arts in Faenza
2° Prize Talent Garden Fondazione Agnelli

EXHIBITIONS: La Triennale di Milano
DOUT Design 2018
Mudec Museum 2018


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