FUSION - Designing towards the future

From the previous research related to current technologies and its future developments, the idea was born of giving a new form to the fixed computer and thus creating a different relationship with it. It will be a computer that will go even more to meet our personal needs. Since the need to store files and be able to easily manage and share them from all their devices is the idea of ​​creating a small computer, placed on a wall of your home, which can provide information on the environment around us and acting on its; which also provides files to multiple users in a totally remote and that has a touch panel to interact with the house. This computer, in addition to performing the typical tasks of a normal PC, takes control of home automation systems, makes available to the user useful information on the computer itself (such as the progress of a task or the receipt of notifications), allows the 'access to multiple devices located within the home simultaneously. This particular computer becomes the control center of the house, through the display: source of useful information to the user (news, weather, consumption etc ...) or totem to write a message just as if we left a post-it on the refrigerator.

YEAR: 2018

BRIEF:Reinventing Computer

TEAM: Opendot; FX Models




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